Your Taunt Carnage will be Televised

A special thanks to Televised Carnage for this week's topics. We're talking about ways to be more consistent in your games

Your Taunt Comp Carnage will be Televised

A few things I can think of are to quit rolling so much. Just look for upgrades to you board by either swapping out minions or buffing ones you think might stick around for a while. When there are only 5/6 players left in the lobby don’t take risky plays. Try to maximize your position to eliminate one more player or survive long enough to make it to top 4. Don’t force a comp or tribe. Let the build come to you. Try to better understand solid midrange builds. Taunts are very good for top 4 right now. They rarely finish first but tend to have some staying power in the early game. The comp is pretty easy to assemble right now as well


- Quit rolling so much
- Look for upgrades to your board
- Try to better understand solid midrange builds.

Is this a Taunt Comp?! Of Course Not

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