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Patch 17.0 (aka The Secret Demon Grandma Buff Patch)

As the Ashes of Outlands (17.0) Patch goes Live for battlegrounds, the bartenders talk about what is, what isn't, what apparently doesn't even exist.

A Patch Rose Out of the Ashes of Outland

It was a big week for Hearthstone and Battlegrounds got plenty of love as well.

Iksar's Fun Facts!

Iksar filled us in on some awesome information about Battlegrounds this weekend.

"Dis-Encentivising" Playing Tirion (He Gone)

Tirion was too strong, we'll tell you why and what they could have done instead.

Dragons Have Arrived! - 16.4 patch review

With over 40 changes to the Tavern, its safe to say there is a lot to discuss.

BTC 10: Watch it Float to Tier 4

With the sudden move of Floating Watcher. The bartenders discuss if they think this will shake up the meta.

BTC 09 - From the Battlegrounds: Being Flexible (@RidiculousHat)

In the lull of news, we reached out to the community and one of the tips that stood out was from Ridiculous Hat. He gives his tips regarding being flexible.

BTC 08 - The Force Demon Meta

Last week, patch 16.2 dropped and the meta took a huge turn. The bartender's talk about the new heroes, minions and their new approach to dealing with them.

The Bartenders Tips for Getting Gud (5k Celebration!)

Both of our bartenders are now at 5k, and decided to share some of the tips that they've learned from others that got them there.

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