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Mutanis ain't Wailing for Maiev (BG's 20.4 Patch Update)

THL BG's Organizer and Fellow AFG Member Basedinc joins the bar to chat about the 20.4 Wailing Caverns Event.

The Fall of Tess and the Stagnant Mechs

New Format: This week Jay talks about the new format for non-patch weeks in the tavern.

Life in the Tavern Update - DoctorFeesh

There was life things happening so Feesh is bringing a Life in the Tavern Update

The Quilboar Patch (20.2.2)

Blizzard has already patched the Quilboars and the bartenders are here to talk about it.

Anything but QuilBoaring

[Quilboar Patch Notes](https://playhearthstone.com/en-us/news/23665634/20-2-patch-notes)

The Bartender's Best and Favorite Heroes

What are our best heroes, according to Hearthstone. How does that compare to our favorite heroes.

Patch 20.0.2 - Why is Hooktusk so Hard to Patch

Stop it Blizzard - 0 Mana Hero Powers are back! Plus is the HS Team trying to make elementals OP?!

Your Taunt Carnage will be Televised

A special thanks to Televised Carnage for this week's topics. We're talking about ways to be more consistent in your games

How Good is Frenzy in Battlegrounds

The Blacksmith is live in the Tavern with middling results. Jay gives us the details on whether you should grab the Barren's Blacksmith for your WarBand

Tavern Chat about Overlord Saurfang

Jay's on Solo Duty talking with about Overlord Saurfang. Just come quick thoughts as we get ready for Quillboar and a new way to play BGs

RIP Murloc Tokens - DoctorFeesh in the Tavern

DoctorFeesh is solo for a mini update as we await any little patches before the quillboar launch. In our continued series he covers the minions that have been hurting ...

Scallywag or Khadgar? Who's the Problem

Dave and Jay continue to investigate the BlizzCOnline Patch to see who are the minions that are leading the pack.

Jay's Losing List and the Unpicked Fallacy

It's just Jay this week and he's got a list of losers that should see work soon or get out!


In this Episode, Jay and Dave look at the heroes that have benefitted the most from the 19.6 patch.

I mean it was the right thing to do... Elistra Gone 💨

Jay and Dave talk about BlizzCOnline and the corresponding 19.6 Patch

The Tavern's Been Closed but is opening up after BlizzCOnline

We've been gone the last couple weeks for personal time and stuff and the taverns been pretty quiet but with BlizzCOnline on the way we're going to be diving deep into...

Nicholena's Perfect Comp

Jay and Dave take a look at Nicholena's Perfect Comp and we have thoughts.

Did the DarkMoon Races put Demons in Last Place?

Ready Set WOAH... Spit it out! The Bartenders wonder why this patch looked cool but didn't do much for the meta.

Power-Leveling in a Broken (Client) Meta

Jay's game keeps locking and Dawn brings an excellent video discussion on power leveling.

Did the Elistra Nerf Change the Right Thing?

ALL The Bartenders are back and we're here to talk about the Elistra nerf. Did Blizzard get it right?

A Faire Bit of Updates for BGs

Just a Minor Patch. It's a massive update. New Events. New Hero's (or Bosses). New Minions. So much to talk about.

More Daily Quests for Battlegrounds

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A Quiet Month

Dave's out this week so Dawn and Jay explore the growth of eSports events around BGs and the lack of a patch in the last 25+ days

A One Year Celebration - The Han and Greedo of Battlegrounds

The Tavern Tales Crew joins us this week as we look back at the last year of in the Tavern!

19.0 aka the Harder Mode Patch

This episode covers all the things in the 19.0 Patch. In the end we attempted to figure out what's working and why BGs feel so challenging.

The Bartenders Lounge - Dave aka DoctorFeesh

Dawn's out so the other Bartenders take a second to get to know Dave aka DoctorFeesh our newest bartender and the newest member of Amberflight Gaming!

Three Wishes Just Won't Be Enough to Get You a Win - Patch 18.6 Review

The bartenders wish they could tell the secrets to success in this meta. They definitely tried.

The toughest meta just got harder. 18.4.2 Patch Review

With quite a lot of changes, the bartenders discuss their opinions on each and explain why things won't matter much.

Bartender Check-in and Meta Observations (18.4 Patch)

The bartenders have a more relaxed time and discuss how they are feeling about the game.

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