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From Ragnaros to Swagnaros đŸ’Ē

A jovial look at all the changes in the 18.4 patch!

So Many Bad Heroes

In this episode Dawn and Feesh break down the meta and talk about some upcoming events!

Can Someone Call a Doctor? I Have a Pogo Problem

We welcome back our new PERMANENT co-host DoctorFeesh to help us diagnose the problems in the tavern with Jandice and Pogo Hoppers.

Patch 18.2 - Party Hard

The Patch we've been waiting for since November. Parties are here and we are ready for it! Doctorfeesh joins us on the show to help cover this patch.

Blizzard gon' Blizz: Is this really in Beta?

Dawn brings in some wisdom from Twitter and Jay imagines a world where Hero's don't matter.

The Biggest Little Patch with Patron Guest Dr. Feesh

There was a lot to cover in this week's patch so we needed some help from our Patron corner. DoctorFeesh joins the bartenders to cover this massive little patch.

Fixing Eudora's Issues

Eudora is at the top and Blizzard is aiming at fixing her. We don't have answers but we have a lot of theories!

Bottom Shelf Battlegrounds

Is Hearthstone Battlegrounds Pay to Win. Our bartenders have a couple ideas as to how to make the game seem a little bit more fair if you don't feel like breaking the bank every few months.

Soft Kitty Warm Kitty, Please Don't You Die First

The 18.0 Patch dropped and we're here to break some Jugs and Mugs and check out what Mr. Bigglesworth is all about.

Tavern Closed for the Weekend, Sites "Supplier Issues"

Hey y'all the bartenders are not opening doors this week due to some life things happening. We should be back next week. Also, Y'all noticed that things feel a little different in the battlegrounds. Maybe we're just starved for updates. It's been like two weeks!!??!!

17.6 - The Golden Trash Patch

Patch 17.6 brought a lot to the Battlegrounds. Unfortunately, the bartenders weren't too impressed about it. Checkout our review of this Golden Trash Patch.

The Ups and Downs in Battlegrounds

In the last few weeks, there have been many ups and many downs in MMR in battlegrounds.

Eudora, Hooktusk, Arrana - Do they need Fixing?

The Battlegrounds Brawl happened and it was the sub that wound of up rocking the tavern. Also we look at three of the heroes that seem to need some work.

We Weren't Supposed to Be Having This Episode but Here It Is!!!

So we were supposed to be on vacation when Blizzard smacked us with a .1 patch. Also Blizzard apparently hasn't learn their lesson about invitations and who they are inviting.

Let's Talk about Saurolisk with guest William Hung

Former American Idol Auditioner, Ex-Professional Poker Player William Hung has made his battlegrounds debut with the bartenders! Listen in as he breaks down his starting strategy.

Who's Bird is This and Why is My Cannon so Bad! Patch 17.4 Review

Bye Bye Bye to Putricide and Holy Mackerel and Hello Thar Mateys! Pirates (not weapons) are in the battlegrounds and the Bartenders are ready to talk about them.

BobsTavern Let's Play - Dawn Plays Nozdormu Murlocs

The bartender's decided to do a little recorded match. Dawn is running the game and Jay is providing commentary.

Blizzard Response Times - Ask the Bartenders

We were asked about whether we think Blizzard responded fast enough in removing certain Minions (like Nightmare Amalgam!).

Tired of these MRGLRGLGRLing Murlocs

Even though Murlocs follow the Ricky Bobby Strat (You're either First or Last). It seems like when you're in the top two, your opponent is going Murlocs. The bartenders discuss some things to think about when you just know that you'll be looking at facing merlons.

Wait?! Dire Wolf Alpha was in Battlegrounds! with guest KristineHS

KristineHS (Formerly Kristine_22) joins the bartenders to discuss the 17.2 Patch.

Pirates and Weapons in Battlegrounds (Wishlist Episode)

Jay has a story and some strong ideas for the future of BGs

Millhouse Nerf Fun-House with AFG guest NejiBoston

AFG NejiBoston joins Jay and Dawn as they talk about the Millhouse Nerf and share some ideas on what the Hearthstone team can do to "spice" things up a bit in the tavern.

YOLOStraza and the Ricky Bobby Strategy

Jay tried YOLOStraza and Loved it! Also good news regarding announcement Bob's TavernCast.

The Upside Down Patch - First Place -94 Points

There was an emergency patch to fix all the things in standard. However, for a short moment in time. Things were left upside down.

Patch 17.0 (aka The Secret Demon Grandma Buff Patch)

As the Ashes of Outlands (17.0) Patch goes Live for battlegrounds, the bartenders talk about what is, what isn't, what apparently doesn't even exist.

A Patch Rose Out of the Ashes of Outland

It was a big week for Hearthstone and Battlegrounds got plenty of love as well.

Iksar's Fun Facts!

Iksar filled us in on some awesome information about Battlegrounds this weekend.

"Dis-Encentivising" Playing Tirion (He Gone)

Tirion was too strong, we'll tell you why and what they could have done instead.

Dragons Have Arrived! - 16.4 patch review

With over 40 changes to the Tavern, its safe to say there is a lot to discuss.

BTC 10: Watch it Float to Tier 4

With the sudden move of Floating Watcher. The bartenders discuss if they think this will shake up the meta.

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